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About Us  
Status Hi-Tech is a privately owned company formed to bridge the digital divide with the rest of the world and Zimbabwe. Our primary goal is to see access to technology for all Zimbabwean communities being treated as a right such as the right to education. Status Hi-Tech has recently introduced its ISP wing, GlobalPing. GlobalPing is one of Zimbabwe’s newest and fastest growing communications providers. We offer complete convergence on the residential telecoms market with products that include Voice over internet services, Broadband and Mobile WiMAX, all at low prices, making it an attractive offer for those wishing to save money but not lose out on quality of service. Also coming soon in our service offerings is ADSL, true broadband As the world economy globalises Status Hi-Tech positions itself to ensure that Zimbabweans are not excluded from this fast moving and ever changing world of technology by providing solutions and systems that are relevant to perform tasks that meet current industry and social demands at a fair price.
Status Hi-Tech endeavours to ensure that its products and services are accessible to all users for their varying needs. Our products and solutions are sourced from various leading industry suppliers and are built according to the design principles of compliance to standards, automation, flexibility, scalability and feature richness. The company works in partnership with leading manufacturers and developers of technological platforms and solutions both in the West and in the East. Status Hi-Tech also offers professional services to companies in each stage of deployment.
From initial consultation, to on-site and remote configuration and training, both Status Hi-Tech's customers and outside companies may use Status Hi-Tech's extensive experience in the ICT marketplace. Once the system is in place, Status Hi-Tech also offers 24x7 support through helpdesk, onsite emergency support, and onsite in-sourcing. With core values of constant innovation, customer satisfaction, and recognizing and rewarding merit, Status Hi-Tech strives to stay at the forefront of information and communications technologies.
Our Team
Status Hi-Tech is made up of a strong team of Zimbabweans with varying backgrounds and levels of experience in various sectors which include, storage media, telecommunications, programming and project management. Areas of expertise include internetworking, hardware, systems design and management. The Status Hi-Tech Team has a total of over 30years experience..
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