De-mystifying Technology

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Project Management

Are you looking for help with project management ? You've come to the right place. We work with, and train, individuals and organizations, to improve their project management capabilities. We help local businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations around the country.


Is virtualization the future of your organization's IT infrastructure? We have the hands-on training you need to plan, deploy, and manage your company's virtualization strategy. Our broad-based virtualization curriculum includes VMware®, Cisco, Citrix, IBM, Red Hat, and Microsoft courses to give you the skills you'll need in a virtualized environment.

Internal Security Solutions

Server Anti-spam
- Anti-virus
- Firewall/UTM/SSL
- Two-factor authentication

Information Security Audit

Our network security audit reviews your technology systems, people, and processes to identify threats to your network and data.  Our proprietary security testing process ensures your sensitive data remains secure.

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